Spirit of the Badge

Spirit of the Badge




Music arranged and played by Ingrid P. Dean


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Independantly published version "Spirit of the Badge" still available through this website                  
To be released Oct. 1st, 2011 by Llewellyn Publishing, LLC, and available through all major bookstores

Cops are often guided by something that's difficult to express in words.


Angels? Spirit? Divine Intervention?  Police officers are not always sure!

However, the 60 true police stories that make up "Spirit of the Badge" leave no room for doubt. We are bigger than we think we are.

Every day police officers can face life-or-death situations that can call for decisions made in the blink of an eye. There's often no time for reasoning. So cops learn to trust their guts.   They learn to become comfortable with uncertainty!

The results, as related in these true stories, will amaze, astound and fascinate you.

They will leave you with a new appreciation for our powers of intuition. You might call these stories divine inspiration, intuition, or miracles. If you're a police officer, or other first responder, these stories may bring to mind personal experiences where you were driven by split-second, gut decisions.

This book is a creative compilation of unusual, moving, and exceptional moments as experienced by police officers in their daily work.  Much of the world views police officers as authoritarian, or militaristic, or somehow different. The heart-felt police stories in this book demonstrate their humanness and selfless desire to serve, from the core of their beings.

The music you hear on this page was arranged and played by Ingrid Dean, author of Spirit of the Badge. The words to this music come from a traditional religious song:

From you I receive,

to you I give.

Together we share

and for this we live.


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It has been said that the next phase of human evolution will depend upon a decline in egotistical competitiveness and an increase in collectivity, not in the form of totalitarianism, but as an expanded sense of self. The psychoanalyst Otto Rank predicted that "creativity and mysticism... will become the foundation of the new psychological type and with him or her will come the new civilization". The levels of cooperation required in the future may mean that emotional intelligence and other forms of intelligence suc h as creativity and self-transcendence, will be valued over the intelligence measured by IQ tests. An intelligence centered in the heart is centered in the Self and therefore has a superhuman, transpersonal connection; the next phase of evolution, with its enormous challenges and increasing load of information, will require an integrated intelligence with access to the infinite.
-- Graham Brown