Spirit of the Badge


"Spirit of the Badge" shines a new light on police!


The mainstream media is taking a new view of law enforcement officers, in light of the amazing stories presented in this extraordinary book. Listen and read what's being said about "Spirit of the Badge".


Ingrid had a lively and spirited interview with George Noory, of Coast to Coast AM Radio on October 9. Listen to this fun interview here:



Ingrid Dean explains the creative process that took place in conceiving, creating and publishing "Spirit of the Badge" to FOX25 NEWS in Boston, Mass.

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Ingrid Dean explains the importance of forensic art in identifying and apprehending suspects to Melissa Smith of Channel 4 News in Traverse City, Michigan

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WWMT Channel 3 Interviewed Ingrid Dean and Steve Sokol - a Detroit police officer whose life was saved in a miraculous manner. Click HERE to see a video clip of that interview.


Joey Reynolds, of WOR Radio in New York City interviews Ingrid Dean and Sonny Grosso, New York City's "top cop":

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Ingrid Dean shares a few stories, and her beliefs about the miracles behind the stories in this two-part interview with T.J. Ryan of the "Out There" Podcast.



Byron Sanchez, of Paranormal News, interviews Ingrid Dean about the power of intuition applied by real-life cops in "Spirit of the Badge". The show is entitled "Consciousness and Transpersonal Phenomena".

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Jay Thomas, of "The Jay Thomas Show" on XM Radio interviews Ingrid Dean on August 26. He says "Spirit of the Badge" is... "an attempt to capture those sacred moments in ordinary police life, as well as the enigmatic, numinous moments that stretch officers beyond their everyday reality."

Friday, October 9 Ingrid Dean spoke for three hours with George Noory of Coast to Coast AM Radio - the largest nationally syndicated radio program. Described as the "Oprah Show of Radio", George has millions of fans nationwide.


Angels are messengers, but sometimes we misunderstand their language.
-- Linda Solegato